This Is a Story

(Int:  1:30 AM)

We see a man sitting in his bathtub, relaxing. He is eating a piece of cake with no particular expression on his face. You can hear the sound of rain outside, a clock ticking, the sound of water dripping out of the faucet.

            The man takes a bite of his cake; just then a loud knocking can be heard coming from another part of the house. We see the man take a moment before he finally decides to get out of the tub. The man, now with his bathrobe on, opens the bathroom door. We hear the sound of the rain coming down even more heavily. The sound of the knocking is noticeably syncopated; atypical of someone trying to get your attention by knocking on your door.

            The man is now visibly distraught, but trying to keep a cool demeanor. The man heads to his bedroom first, looking for something to defend himself. He spies his long sword resting in the corner of his room. This will do. The man continues to follow the sound of the strange knocking. We can now tell the sound of the knocking is coming from the kitchen where the back door is. The man slowly rounds each corner of his house with a type of attention he didn’t know he had. Finally, we see the man approach the door to the kitchen. He enters the room, now the source of the curious knocking becomes clear. During the violent storm the backdoor had been beaten open by the harsh wind. We see the man, still expressionless, standing in his rain soaked kitchen. The door still is beating against the wall. He now sets his sword on the counter and closes his backdoor – defeated.