A Northwestern experience(Part 4)

In conclusion: my last month or so in Vancouver was spent out of school. My mom took me out of school for whatever reason. I didn’t mind, I don’t think I even noticed. I was doing some home schooling, but it seemed like it was all the same to me. I can’t remember exact dates, but when my family moved back to Louisiana it had been about a year since we had left. Looking back on it I think the time I spent in Vancouver helped shape who I was and what I thought about the world.

Seeing where I am and what the future holds. It does seem like history repeats its self. when my family got back to Shreveport we moved into my Grandmother’s house. I fit right back in at school, and it was like I never left. Now here I am living in my grandmother’s house getting ready to move back to Vancouver where my Dad is. Someone I didn’t talk about much during my retelling of my northwestern experience. I’m ready to go back to Vancouver now, and fit back in like I never left.